She saw the silk gown hanging in the trend room.

The Muse picks the trend.

Working on a storyboard for silks, Sleep to Street when all of a sudden, the Muse for the sketch decided to take over the conversation.

Now that the studio is in one place, things have been moving around in the imagination of what’s-to-come. Going through samples and sketches of past stories and trends have changed things up, and the concepts for 2020/21 are muted and interesting. The intimate lingerie market is in an interesting place, the same place, that is. Product development designers tend to look at a lot of stuff out there, and once you spend that much time on the search for trends that move the mainstream market, sameness comes into focus with a blinding realism. The market is getting harder to foresee a future, so the cautionary tale begins, but this is not the time for sameness, this is the time to break out, showcase the side of surprise. Take on different storylines, colors, and moods. When looking for new concepts, a great storyboard can get the conversation started on new collections and key items for your brand.


Sleep to Street as a double vision; it translates two markets, intimates, and urban looks. Once only for the bedroom or hidden underneath, lingerie was a personal choice that stayed personal. Not anymore, that is why sleep to street plays the perfect part when trending storyboard concepts for your brand — looking for trends in all the fun places.

Trend Notes

lingerie-concept-studio-resort-2020 mix up chiaristyle.jpg


This storyboard in The Dressing Room concept is getting a lot of attention from mainstream consumers. Mix up the basics, move new ideas into the collections as single item pieces. Create a few surprises and silhouettes that do not belong in the story line to get the conversation started.