Intimate Lingerie Trends for 2020/21 need a little bit of bling.

Weekend Mini Notes


Fashion concepts are a great way to introduce new design elements into your brand. Designers spend a great amount of time creating full design concepts that take up a lot of time. Working with-in a certain time frame to get enthusiasm and results from the boards are daunting if the suck. You know that meeting where everyone just looks around the room. That is why including a few mini boards, has an advantage. Those little hints and innuendos can get a conversation started.

Comfort is still a key component going into 2020/21. Step up the basics with a beautiful little mini board showcasing your brand basics with embroidery, screenprint, lace components. Color them up in cool pales, earthy tones and vibrant brights.

Nothing better than a great book that inspires.


Summer Inspiration

Looking for some great lingerie inspiration for you intimate library.

Dress to Kill is filled with amazing details for lingerie concepts
the book is stunning and the silhouettes divine.
If your looking for vintage style take a look at
Irresistible The Art of Lingerie.