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Sunday morning Vintage Finds: Scavenger's Paradise

Looking for some past memories?

Valley Finds:
Scavenger's Paradise & Giddy Vintage

Scavenger's Paradise in Burbank on Magnolia is a wonderful little place to find vintage. This little shop carries a wide assortment of old time memories. The store mascot is happy to show you around the place. As you wonder around the store you will find tucked in the back Giddy Vintage. This little space is filled with a lovely vintage collection of apparel, hats and shoes. If you are looking for a vintage moment, stop into paradise and find some memories.

Christmas in May: Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe

Valley Find: Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe

The valley is full of surprises.

Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe Chiaristyle

Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe Chiaristyle

Located on Vineland Ave just off Chandler Blvd there is a wonderful surprise hiding in plan site. The Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe is filled with Christmas. Took a chance and stopped by and to our surprise they let us in. This is one of largest holiday prop shops in the country. Filled exclusively with Christmas treats from Santa to Christmas trees all lined up in a beautiful organized display of wonder.  They work with major studios and event companies, nothing is for sale and to say that this warehouse is filled with every type of Christmas celebration is not an understatement. Sitting in the middle of the warehouse is an awesome miniature display that will make you sing Christmas jingles all day long. Santa truly lives here. The Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe is located at 5348 Vineland Ave in North Hollywood, California. Check out their website hereThanks for being so wonderful.

The Valley is full of surprises