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Sunday morning Vintage Finds: Scavenger's Paradise

Looking for some past memories?

Valley Finds:
Scavenger's Paradise & Giddy Vintage

Scavenger's Paradise in Burbank on Magnolia is a wonderful little place to find vintage. This little shop carries a wide assortment of old time memories. The store mascot is happy to show you around the place. As you wonder around the store you will find tucked in the back Giddy Vintage. This little space is filled with a lovely vintage collection of apparel, hats and shoes. If you are looking for a vintage moment, stop into paradise and find some memories.

I'm seeing dragonflies

Take Notes. The Dragonfly flies with jewels in it's eyes.

A silk velvet robe graces the front shadow box window in The Dressing Room. The lace under sleeves give a vintage look to this little wrap of luxury. A jeweled dragon loop closure flew in to finish off the silhouette.  Sheer pleated under slip is a perfect little morsel for this little bit of floor space. Wonder whats hiding underneath?