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Oh the dot!

The dot is a simple thing.

I Love Fashion Confession: Went on an interview, now this was a long time ago, the company needed someone who could CAD up their collection so this was a sketching job. I loaded the girls into their portfolio along with some prints and off we went. The interview was great, then the owner walked in, picked up my sketches and asked if I did these? Now I wondered what would happen if I said no but I remembered a dear friend who could not sketch and often times I sketched the projects she would use for work, of course I always believed she confessed to not doing the sketches but I really didn't care because I loved her and who really cares anyway as long as you get the sale or the job but this was different, I was here for a sketching job, so I confessed that yes they were mine. My girls smiled. Then he asked if I created the dot, not the dot above it was a different dot but a dot just the same and I thought, really, the dot, you are asking me about the dot, not the paisley or the shadow print, or the fashion illustration that just looked over at me and smiled whispering let's get out of here. The dot is a simple thing I explained, you can take a square and put a circle in the middle and Illustrator does all the work. I told him you can make it big or small, it can be clumped together or spread all around it can be pink or blue and is perfect for bustiers, slips and panty programs. He didn't get the sarcasm but I did get the job and the girls and I laughed all the way back to the office.

The dot it is a simple thing, it can create a conversation, looking for trends in all the fun places.