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My mother wore Chanel No. 5

Happy Mother’s Day Memories

My mother wore Chanel No. 5 so every time I walk into any beauty department I stop by the Chanel counter for a little spritz so she can linger with me for a moment.

My sisters, my heart.



This year I spent a great deal of time looking at the inside of my right arm, I’m right-handed and sketch both by-hand and digitally every day and every day I imagined a tattoo there to represent the missing of my sisters. This week that imagined moment became a reality. A feather fell from a Cooper Hawk while walking the neighborhood, imagine my sisters, sending me a message, “just a feather,” they said, flying away leaving behind the markings of their hearts.

Fashion is…fun, difficult, impossible, mean, wonderful, imaginary, evolution into something fabulous.

Missing a Muse

Fashion is…Mary Stephens FIDM

Sad news came to me last night and my heart is broken.

Fashion is..Mary Stephens

Fashion is… an unfinished statement that means a lot on this site. Fashion is…fun, innovative, whimsical and most important fashion is change. If you are lucky, a great inspiration may step into your path, and that distinction goes to Mary Stephens. She always had a smile when she saw me; she also saw my talent which for an old FIDM grad made it more respectable somehow & my husband loved her. Mary Stephens was fashion perfection, a true lover of the art, a teacher, motivator, muse. I will miss her style & grace but most of all I will miss that twinkle in her eyes when we would meet, it was magic. Thank you, Carlos, for keeping me up to date and for providing a photo that showcases just how fabulous, fabulous can be.

Mary, you will always be that light at the end of my fashion rainbow.

CoffeyLife, FIDM
Freelancing is an art.

The Freelancer

Karl Lagerfield The Freelance Master

As a freelance designer, the one thing that stood out for me was that Karl Lagerfeld was the master change-maker, moving from collection to collection with a single focus that every label made a statement that was true to itself.  

Prolific Inspiration

In this wild place

In this wild place is where I see you now


and it makes it a little bit easier to let you go


but not today, not today my love.


For my sister, I miss you!