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Lingerie CAD Design

CAD design is an important vehicle when creating new ideas for trend or sales.

The Lace Effect: Creating intimate CADs with lace treatments.

Creating the lace effect is best as a brush or as a placement, depending on the style. Use the real lace or a lace swatch when you can for the best concept results.  Using existing lace vs a hand sketched lace is tremendous when considering the final CAD for viewing. The closer the CAD is to reality, the better the process of showcasing the final results. This can help in the sampling process. A great CAD equates to future sales and starts a conversation about other projects. Using illustrative storyboard concepts can stop the continued cutting of samples to get orders reduced to a minimum. Fashion illustrating is a process, knowing how to work with laces when sketching intimates is a learning experience that makes the final results rewarding and gives the storyboard a rich finished concept that works when previewing an idea.