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Get into tee shirt design and make a statement

Product Development Design

T shirts work with all collections,
from intimates to denim inspired trends.

This is a product development shop, if you have traveled through our pages you know that we have basics and models that we work with all the time. Creating Tee shirts have always been a part of trending because it gives a change to make a statement and is great for branding. Looking for trend in all the fun places is a part of product development that all design rooms should focus on. So many designers can get lost in the day of whats happening that trending gets lost and the excitement of new evaporates into the safe zone.

Every sketch, CAD, bra cup, muse, dress form is an idea. Take a look at 2015 and find a body line working in 2017 trending into 2019. Find a love a fashion here and explore our Fashion is.. and Trend Shops.