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Lingerie Underpinnings 2019

Lingerie concepts love a great corset.

The fitted corset is a trending silhouette in the lingerie marketplace. Designed to work with-in the framework of the intimate collection it can showcase easy comfort or total bling. History is the best place to start when looking at the corset/bustier for new trend ideas. The shape, seaming, binding, hooking-up, lacing-up, fabrication and trim details can play a part in how it influences the other pieces of the collection. Dress up lingerie underpinnings with creative historical style, this is the perfect time to say history should repeat istself.

The Cup

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Lingerie Trend: Layers CHIARIstyle

Lingerie Trend is layered in red.

Get into the red of things with sheer under-layers and lace band accents. A Fashion Illustration is more than just a sketch, when it is also doubling as an illustration for manufacturing the style-line. Give as much detail to the line markers so the patternmaker can developed the style based not only on the technical info but also on the guidelines given to the illustration. This creates less work and the Muse can also travel on to create a great presentation later for your buyers with out re-working the the sketch. Knowing how the pattern will translate from sketch to reality should be the top priority for any designer/patternmaker interaction. Fashion Illustration Concepts. a great idea.


The Kiss is in the house for Storyboard Layout Concepts-Check it out.

Fashion Trend: Bridal Underpinnings

Fashion Trend: BRIDAL LACE-June is almost here. The Bridal Market is coming into focus.

Set the tone with fun new ways to entertain the market place. Styleline: Bridal Sets. All over lace bustier top with fitted bodice and flounce sleeve with lace trim detail is a great new way to showcase something new in bridal. Match it up with all over lace panty.  Loving bridal CHIARIstyle-check out intimates & sleepwear for 2013 Let's get Intimate concept. Did you catch the trend?