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Digital Workbook

Digital Workbooks are creative storyboard concepts created by a designer for designer, sales teams, manufactures product development. Every concept is PDF downloadable with an exclusive focus on a single impression. Due to exclusivity a limit is place on the concept sale and it is removed from the shop to avoid over saturation, keeping new concept moving in and out of the shop. Sometimes a digital workbook theme will move into the website once the trend has been confirmed but with every illustration the hope is the concept will be transformed to a brands design strategy. Past story lines. Sweet Dreams a great storyboard concept that still translates trend.


Concept Storyboard: Lace Influences is in the shop. This board does not preview with CADS due to the ease of design. The storyboard focus is trending on the retro-thrift shop experience. Brand basics can be incorporated into the theme without creating new silhouettes. Lace Influences is a single 17x11 printable PDF downloadable storyboard with black background, perfect for design room discussion, working with buyers on new concepts, sales teams, product development.

Things to think about going into FW20/21 Concept Design

Finding trend in all the fun places. Vintage hand napkins found at the Ventura Swap Meet.

Panty Raid: Vintage Modern

Panty Lines

Capture history, update the panty drawer with a vintage take on the beauty of simplicity with old-school closures, jeweled buttons and applique twist. Get your panties concepts ready for the next season with vintage style. Lingerie loves silk and vintage is the perfect silhouette for creating new style-lines. Love working on panty programs!

Panty Raid

Vintage Silks : 2020 Sleepwear Trends

Snap Shot: Sleep to Street Vintage


Take a vintage bed jacket, move into the perfect little top with lace trim and all over full lace sleeves, don't forget a flounce lace collar, add a wonderful bit of lace to the hemline-finish off the collection with basic silhouettes trended with lace details. Before the Cut: Sandwash fabric for a soft hand-feel finish. Take silk into the streets for sleepwear trends going into 2020. Don't forget the modern twist, is in the fit. Looking for trends in all the silkiest places?

1. Bed Jacket  2. Crop Lace Drawstring Pant 3. Lace Triangle Bra 4. Lace Camisole 5. Back Lace-Up Knickers 6. Sheer Pleated Slip


Every sketch, CAD, illustration takes you somewhere. Just click it & find your inspiration.

Sunday morning Vintage Finds: Scavenger's Paradise

Looking for some past memories?

Valley Finds:
Scavenger's Paradise & Giddy Vintage

Scavenger's Paradise in Burbank on Magnolia is a wonderful little place to find vintage. This little shop carries a wide assortment of old time memories. The store mascot is happy to show you around the place. As you wonder around the store you will find tucked in the back Giddy Vintage. This little space is filled with a lovely vintage collection of apparel, hats and shoes. If you are looking for a vintage moment, stop into paradise and find some memories.