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Vintage napkins are always a find.

Vintage Hemstitched Embroidered Napkins: These amazing hand embroidered napkins were found in a box of about 20 given by a friend. The boxes contained fabrics and table linens in all stages of a collectors life.  There were a lot of hand embroidered napkins but this set of 6, showcase the skill of embroidery, showcasing historical buildings. They are still in perfect condition and show no use of any kind. The color of the linen shows a bit of age but the embroidered threads are still vibrant. Unexpected surprises. Step outside the box this season.

Home: Holiday Napkins


Thank You to all who have taken the time to travel the site.

Now, let's set the table & eat!

TABLETOP what better way to set the mood.
The knife & fork

Take a white cotton or linen napkin, hemstitched detail is always nice. This napkin was created with a clip art of a knife and fork printed on transfer paper. Follow transfer paper instructions and iron onto napkins for a fun holiday look.

INDUSTRY: This is a great venue for sublimating-Tablecloths and napkins with original artwork