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Take the Challenge. Create some magic and let your followers know that the Cheetah is in danger of extinction. Don't let the only Cheetah you see be a print. Save the Cheetah. Create, donate. Send it out, whatever way you want. Find out more by checking out the African Wildlife Foundation or Adopt a Cheetah.
Take the Challenge moving into 2017 send your followers to create & donate.

Happy New Year

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Fashion Notes 2017: Tribal Splash

Take the splash with tribal prints for 2017 storyboard concepts.

Product Development Design Studio

2017 Storyboards
A few trends concepts stirring around for next year:  Fall 2017 is showcasing peasant tops with serious pattern mixing mainly in floral prints. Crop bell shaped skinny pants are HOT! Put a flounce on it, if you want to be in trend, perfect for that floral peasant top. Cream, metallic black, ice white, candy tones, indigo and green are the now colors. 50's fabric upholstery prints are just the thing for suiting (keep the skirts at just below the knee and make sure they have a flare. Vintage secretary skirts are just below the knee, twin it with matching coat jackets. Belts are back. Sleeves are straight with a bell finish or extra-long, especially with knits. Embellishments continue. Stripes are making a showing as engineered or bold. Don't forget the layers and sexy body cuts, great way to introduce tribal prints collections into the mix. Step into the new year with storyboards that get results.

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