Happy Thanksgiving to all

Giving Thanks

is a wonderful day for family, friends and strangers.


I grew up on military bases. Every year my mother would make plates of food for all the Marines who had to work at the station where everyone had to check in. We would pack up the plates with turkey and dressing and all the sides and drive up to the entrance with pies to finish it off. Every year, at our table, would be a few of the Marines my father would bring home to dine with us. Strangers at our table, eating a home cooked meal, still leave warm memories. Knowing that my mother and father always stepped outside their box makes a daughter proud. To all the Soldiers who stand on the watch for this country. Thank You!

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The shoes have it!

The shoes start the show!

Sometimes shoes come first. Lace is on the menu with a cornucopia of jewels like, turkey and stuffing and friends. Enjoy the moment, remember that a "thank you" is free and doesn't cost anything. To all, thank you. Life is always changing and fashion is a game well played if you have the perfect lace shoes and a lot of imagination to get you through the trends of things.

To all who love the animals that share this planet with us, please take the time to check out WWF, they need our help. Wildlife depends on the human voice, without us they will not survive. For more information please click the link below and Thank You for checking out CHIARIstyle.



Don't let the only cheetah you see be a print!

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Memories and the fashion designer.

Fashion Memories

Fashion design is filled will strong memories of designers that influence the trends we all live in, so when one leaves this world with vibrant images and perfect silhouettes blazed in our imagination a word of thanks is all that comes to mind. As a designer I have taken your love of body and moved many trends from sportswear to lingerie into the market with wonderful outcomes. I will always come back to your sexy cuts and lines that define the body.