Santa Anita Park Photography Day 2019

At the Park

Santa Anita Park has a day set up where photographers can gather to shoot the park. It’s a great day if you love horses, racetracks, and history. Time was limited this year, so the focus was on the park. If you love architecture, Santa Anita Park is a photography dream. History is hidden even in the restrooms, and this year a secret room came into play. Maybe next year I’ll be able to see inside it.

Ladies & men’s room wallpaper

Jockey cap wall art & the morning workout.

2018 Intimates & the Full Cup

The Cup is Full

Did anyone notice the rise of the full-cup? Last year the full-cup made a statement. From media to print the full busted woman showed off lace, banding, lazer cut in amazing colors, prints, and tones. Take the cup to trend this season and make it not just a piece included in a collection, trend it out as a collection. Storyboard it out with sensational fit and style. The Full Cup is moving into the house. Looking for trend in all the fun places?-

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Coloring outside the box

Design Notes

Freelance has its virtues! As a designer working both full-time and as a freelancer, I have found that the freelance process creates a well-rounded focus on all things fashion. There is a connection that every category has, research. Fashion is best when looking back is just as crucial as trending forward. As a freelancer, we tend to overwhelm with newness when it may not be what’s needed. Sometimes it is structure. Taking a look at a brands history to find what works and what failed is important when working in a freelance position. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and set timelines but most important be on time, and never make a promise you can’t keep. I once ran a department where the owner loved freelance designers; they came and went like water flowing through the design room. “Be nice.” He would always say to me, the full-time design team would get all caught up in the danger of another designer walking on their turf, but I understood because I was one of those freelance designers, but that’s another story.

Fashion has a history.

Product Development Design Studio

THE CUP a single wire.