Wholesale information for fairy tale dresses.

How it works.

1.  You can order dresses from the site as needed or you can ask about Made to Order.

2. If you would like to be a part of Made to Order , we will create a sample dress based on our conversation. Sample dress is (Size 1-20.5" Waist). This is your showcase dress for your store, photography studio, ballet classes.

3. Your fairy tale dress is your order form.

4. There is a $150.00 price for this dress. It is your sample for your orders. Once we receive your first order for any fairytale dress your sample price of $150.00 will be returned. We will now partner with you for all orders with your fairy tale dress showcasing as your order form.

5. Based on this sample you can go to our shop and place your orders for your customers.  We can ship order to your store or to your customer for you.

Bespoke fairy tale dresses CHIARIstyle

6. Every sample dress will be shipped to your store in the exact same way it will arrive for your customer. Every dress comes with a satin hanger, hang tag, label & photo book, trim swatches for straps and tulle, one Lookbook showcasing collection & 25 postcards for promotional needs.

7. Our website quotes retail prices. Will will give you a wholesale discount if you wish to carry the dresses in your store.

9. By quoting retail prices this giving you the full advantage of selling your dresses with your own mark-up and price points. For list of wholesale prices please contact us here.

10. Once orders are made please note. Every dress is made to order, there is no stock. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We will let you know once order is received actual lead time for delivery.

11. Special orders or duplicates can be made upon request. We use 100% Polyester Tulle, Silk Tulle and other color options for any dresses are upon request.

12. Fairy tale Bodice is subject to the fairy tale. Each dress has a personality & price point. Queen Anne's removable double string of pearls, satin center pleat embellishment and the amazing one-of-a-kind rhinestone piece that sits on the bodice. Caterina, has a one-of-a-kind rhinestone waist center piece that showcases a lot of bling. Christina Andrea has a heart rhinestone and removable string of pearls with floral accents.

13. Dresses come in 3 sizes based on waist measurements. Size 1-20.5"    Size 2-23     Size 3-25".  Little girls come in all sizes at all ages, based on this we create our dresses based on waist measurements. This gives a each dress a bit of growth. All dresses have tulle skirts that are 27" in length with 1/2 satin slip attached for coverage.  Average bodice length is7".

14. Every fairy tale dress is adjustable for size range. Dress sizes are based on waist measurement. This gives each dress growth which is a great selling point for the price. Satin adjustable shoulder straps for length and a waist that can grow 2"-3" in the width from size to size make every fairy tale something your customers can grow into.

15. Size range notes: For a 2-3 year old with a 19 1/2" waist go with a size 1. This gives a year for growth. The back width opening may give this dress a 2 year window. Some girls may be 2-3 years old with a 22": waist. Go with a size 2 for growth. Length is adjustable. Shoulder straps are adjustable for height. We have a back opening on each dress for the waist growth. Ordering with a little bit of overlap on waist gives room for growth.  If waist is 19" go with a size 1. It will close with a little overlap once tied with back bow, giving room to grow for up to width up to 22.5". 

Size Note: ej's is age 4 her waist size is 19.5 " she has been wearing a size 1-20" for 2 years.

Let us list your store as one of the shops where fairy tales can come true.


Question: How to replace Sample Dress?

Answer: Contact us thought email that your dress is ready for a makeover. We will give you a return code. Once we receive the dress we will update with a new dress and resend. We will pay for shipping cost to resend your dress. You will need to pay shipping for its return.

Question: Termination of Sample Dress.

Answer: If at anytime you wish to terminate Made to Order, please contact us. A return code for the dress will be issued. You will need to pay for shipping to return the dress but once it is received. We will contact you that it has been returned and a check will be sent for the postage required for the returned sample. Allow 2 weeks after shipment has been confirmed for payment of postage. There will be a price of $350.00 billed to your account if for any reason the dress is not returned.

Anymore questions please contact us here. Love to hear from you.