What to do?

There is always a moment.

 Interrupting today's post for a moment of reality.

children as pawns in not the answer


There are times when staying silent is not an option. No amount of scripture will provide relief from the darkthings that live amongst us, so speak up. Do not stay silent; do now let those who believe hatred has more value than love win the argument.

Sign a petition, write letters, call your congressperson or senator, write your local paper, post, tweet, Facebook your thoughts but please, when we speak up sometimes they listen.




In the mood for a little lace?


a little bit of lace


Lace, what a fabulous trim, you can do so much with it. Lace can be sexy, wild, refined. It can be cut to enhance and bedazzle. Lace & lingerie sing so many songs that sometimes when you see the final piece, cut and ready to go out into the market place you smile. That is the best part of design, when you know something is right, when the piece of lace is just so beautiful you can’t wait to cut it up into something spectacular. Illustrating concepts is a passion, creating new concepts that hopefully will inspire something new is always fun, especially when the lace and the illustrated concept come together.  Look for this lace concept to go from a single piece to a complete 4 piece collection moving into our STYLENOTES. Every sketch, CAD, illustration tells a story; some illustrations are hiding in plain sight others are there for the finding. Happy Monday and remember fashion is…