Trending the movement: Womens March January 20, 2018

On the move, women taking a stand.


Last year at the last minute I decided to go to the Women's March downtown Los Angles. It was one of the first major changes to the New Year.  2017 showcased women and men in the streets chanting, holding signs, hugging strangers and joining in as one voice not to be ignored. It was inspiring on all levels. Last year was all about the president, this year hopefully it will be more about just where this country is going with all sorts of questions from immigration to climate change, voting rights to womens rights. This year’s March is tomorrow January 20, 2018.  I am looking forward to finding electricity fill the air, with camera in hand documenting the experience. Re-cap last year’s camera shots here and tomorrow take to the streets, pick up a phone, make a difference in how we all live our lives together.  

Silence is not golden.

New sleepwear print concepts next week.

Hummingbirds in the garden.

This is peanut.


The Hummingbirds are taking in all the sweets they can find in the garden. Fighting for a little space to feed on the honeysuckle blooms, the store-bought feeders are a cluster of wing song. This is Peanut, every morning this tiny little bird stops by to enjoy the morning sunshine and if you are lucky you can see the glimmer of the radiant glow that sits in harmony with the sun.