As a creative director I always love working on the now scenario.
Creating a current vision of styles and concepts that translate into the market place. 
This is the basis for The Dressing Room, little vignettes & storyboards that showcase product for development.
This room is full of basics, colors, trends & fast-fashion.
Step into The Dressing Room. Find collections, items, themes, style-lines.

The Dressing Room is open to interpretation. Enjoy it, like all the product found on this site it is 100% original content.


Love working on new concepts.

BASICS: Basics are timeless. Basics can generate 12-15 % of sales. Basics have great price-points. Basics have great replenishment rates.
Are your Basics generating sales?


Create exclusive concepts for wholesale, merchandisers, design directors, buyers looking for new trend ideas for their accounts. This is a full design studio offering personal confidential product development. From a single concept through production. All fashion illustrations are pattern-ready and get results. Looking for new concepts for your next design meeting. Create storyboards that translate into sales. Get the conversation started with your buyers. Contact is working on new ideas.

Click storyboard for single concept view & post.

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