Get into the game with activewear for 2019 trends.

Illustrating Activewear Trends

Active influences are still trending for 2019.
Get in the game.

The word trend, just what does it mean when working on concepts for the apparel market-place? Does a trend translate into copy it until you just can't copy it anymore. Right now the active market is saturated in prints and graphics which is great because prints and graphics can create new without changing the body of the design. All you really need is a great fitting legging, you know the one with the 2"- 3" band across the top, cover-stitched with the center gusset in some sort of print. Some are loud, some have a subliminal meaning, some of the prints are great pieces of art, but they all have one common theme. Move into the work out with body lines that work with prints and graphics, start something new, focus on the fabrication, lazer cuts, textured finishes, silhouettes. Trending active is good news right now, active wear can travel from street, to gym, to sleep. The sport theme moves into the lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear market with ease. Sport the trend, with new designs that work together with your print/graphic storyline.