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Lingerie design concept board: Key items and the mix up.

Trending 2020 Resort

Bring fabric patterns into the conversation with basics

Key item mix around

That’s right; mix it up with your key basics in prints that have absolutely nothing to do with each other to create a Mix Around story-line. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the basics and want-to-be styles for a creative mood board that translate 2020/21 trend.

  • Basic Silhouettes

  • Strong Florals

  • Assorted Plaids

  • Menswear Patterns

  • Bed Coats

  • Satin Prints

  • High Waist Tap Shorts

  • Tap Briefs

  • Jeweled Buttons

  • Pattern Mixing

2020 Resort is showcasing a great fabric mix from key designers. Perfect for a domestic quick collection for summer 2019. Imports take a look at menswear mixes, cut into basic with no pattern changes for a fast fall collection.
Finding trends in all the fun places?

Lingerie Concepts for 2020 Mix it Up

Mix up the panty concept with bits and pieces of style


Panty Raid Monday

There isn’t a panty raid Monday, just made that up but raiding the panty drawer is a concept we love here at CHIARIstyle. As a designer who has worked panty programs for those Sunday buy one get one free, it has become a habit to focus now and then on the panty as a standalone item. Resort 2020 is showcasing new concepts to toss around the design room so this week we are quick sketching up a few mood boards starting with the panty.

Vintage Vibe Mix Up

  • Florals mixing with stripes

  • Trim Drop

  • Color Trim Blocking

  • Asymmetrical Detail

  • Unexpected Components

For a Buy One Get 2 Free or a 3 Piece Set Hanger/Boxed check out Panty Lines.

This week Wednesday will showcase our Japanese Woodblock Find Wado Sanzo.