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Finding trend in all the fun places.

The hand towel creates a cover-up.

Elements for new product can be taken out of context. The floral vintage hand-towel designed by the great amazing textile artist Vera Neumann was the inspiration for this print. This story line is all about the rosebud and a summer morning, cleaning and ironing linens. Freshen up the brand with cotton, linen inspired prints for your 2021 concept themes. A storyboard can create a conversation, inspire a trend, produce a collection.

Looking for trends in all the fun places.

Trend Workbook

Rosebuds in the Garden

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Mini story & concept boards perfect for lingerie, sleepwear, urbanlounge inspiration moving into the 2020/21 market.

Created for designers, sales, manufactures, trend notes.

Original Illustrative fashion, CAD, design trends with a focus on the bud, the rosebud.

Lingerie design concept board: Key items and the mix up.

Trending 2020 Resort

Bring fabric patterns into the conversation with basics

Key item mix around

That’s right; mix it up with your key basics in prints that have absolutely nothing to do with each other to create a Mix Around story-line. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the basics and want-to-be styles for a creative mood board that translate 2020/21 trend.

  • Basic Silhouettes

  • Strong Florals

  • Assorted Plaids

  • Menswear Patterns

  • Bed Coats

  • Satin Prints

  • High Waist Tap Shorts

  • Tap Briefs

  • Jeweled Buttons

  • Pattern Mixing

2020 Resort is showcasing a great fabric mix from key designers. Perfect for a domestic quick collection for summer 2019. Imports take a look at menswear mixes, cut into basic with no pattern changes for a fast fall collection.
Finding trends in all the fun places?

Block the trend

Japanese Woodblock Prints

Woodcut blocks, ukiyo-e created by Japanese artist from the 17th-19th century set the tone.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law called to see if I would like to hit the vintage shops. Moving through a building full of history is the perfect place to get lost for the afternoon. The store was delightfully broken-down into little rooms of content or just disarray. Sitting on a chair a cardboard portfolio called out, inside the cover was a collection of prints. I realized right away that they were Japanese block prints and once we turned them over, we knew that they were originals. Happily, we decided to buy them. Japanese woodblock prints have a very strong artistic history, so it was a wonderful learning experience to research just what we had in the portfolio. There are so many trends these prints can conjure up, from tattoos to sublimated story-lines, screenprint concepts, and color tones. Stationary ideas and layouts along with graphic design trends that can be created from the artistic elements the medium provides. The front and the back of these prints are inspiring.

Artist: Kawase Hasui, 1883-1957, his focus was on Tokyo, Japan landscapes.
Woodblock Print: Zentsuji-ju-temple in the rain 1936.
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