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Creative Concepts set the tone for new ideas.
Move into the market place with great storyboards,
clear illustrative pattern-ready cads & stylelines.
Trend Shops
set the stage for the seasons.
From Sleep to Street
Product Development is the key to keeping the trend moving in a forward motion.

From 1st sketch to final product, the focus is always on creating style that trend into the market-place.

Tribal Affairs

For full sketch of pleated under blouse please use contact link and request CAD: In the Pleats. We will keep your email Private. Will not contact you for any reason after you make this request. Will hope than you fall in love and will contact us about all the wonderful things we can do for you. Like any workshop this pleated blouse is open to design changes and hopefully will encourage a collection of pleated sheers which we will be more than happy to help you with. Contact is free, along with the little pleated beauty hidden underneath this wild and pleasing African modern print but know this, it is only there for a limited time. We will be offering it to a just the first few request. Like any good trend too many and its on the rack.

Cad in Pleats Workbook Cad is: Sold Out!

Design Concept

Power to the Poster


Looking for color storyboards that set the mood?

We love a great color story. Translating color for all your apparel needs.

 Paint Chips CHIARIstyle


Looking for a little more color Search: Color Story, Color, Color Block

Create your own story!


Package it up!


Packaging is a great way for close to the counter sales. Product Development for packaging can take on many forms from box to whimsical hanger details. This Trend Shop showcases simple easy ways to take advantage of packaging from a panty point of view. From color to print. Packaging is fun!  


 Storyboard Print Concepts


Prints are personal, so when adding prints to a collection, look at trend concepts, color theories, line history. Take a look at best print sellers for the current line as well as the competition. Being on trend with prints can be a too early, to late concept. Set the tone trending prints by knowing the customer base the collection will target. Story boarding Print Concepts a season ahead it the best way to see what works for buyers and what doesn't. Create Mood Boards that define what the next season will be to make the collections stronger when print concepts are trending strong in the market place.

Let print boards create the conversation for next seasons trends.

 Sourcing Notes CHIARIstyle

SOURCING NOTE: As designers collecting information has always been a key to creating relationships. This page is dedicated to Uptown Marva. Her data-base of sourcing finds was always a staple for researching trend and information. She knew the importance of keeping informed on what is happening in the market-place and her ability to pass along that information was priceless.