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Intimates, underpinning, lingerie.....oh my!

Lingerie can change a mood, create a dream, start a conversation. Every sketch, CAD, illustration tells a story.

Intimates can translate a moment.
As underpinnings, the construction can enhance the form, create illusions, change history.
Lace, fabric, trim details all play a part in the final silhouette.
Creating trend is a love.
Look for savory, fun, vintage finds on these pages.


To sleep, perhaps to lounge. Sleepwear can take on cotton and silk.



Sleepwear has a broad range of fashion style-lines.
From junior cottons to luxury silks.



Move across department lines with sleep to street fashion. In the lounge you can find concepts for any market place. Looking for a little style? How about CHIARIstyle.

Experience Counts.


URBAN LOUNGE:  is sleep to street, taking a strong look at trend based urban wear, the city takes center stage, comfort is key, get into the lounge and find your trend.

Product Development Design

Activewear Influences

Catch the trend

FASHION Illustrations

Illustrating fashion concepts that get results.

Check out our Pinterest Illustrative Gallery

Absolutely love working on new ideas.

Kids Love Fashion CHIARIstyle

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