On trend with prints 2018

Maybe tribalism should just be a trend.

Take tribal prints into the mainstream with big bold print combinations, don't forget pocket treatments. Add sexy sheer layers to balance the strength of the print. Perfect way to work in another collection. Mood boards are trending for 2018/19. Looking for new?

Trend: Artistic Caps

Creating Fashion Direction
for 2018/2019 Trend Concepts

Lingerie Sleepwear Urban Lounge

This fashion illustration just can't stop crying.

Fashion Illustration

Can't stop crying

Yesterday we had this fashion illustration planned to go over cover-ups for lingerie trend 2018. Something sexy and sheer with embroidery working its way across the drape but all this sadness made it impossible for the sketch to work. So today we are trying again but this girl just can't stop crying. Maybe tomorrow. Someone said history can't be changed today. There is still time to change your history sir. Tears are a great way to release sadness, it brings reflection and sometimes makes you see, that through tears, come great things, so this illustration can go ahead and cry today.
The only skin color that is a choice is the ones an artist paints.