Evening Out: The bustier dress and a string of pearls.

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a string of pearls

Muses on the page

From the beginning it has always been the girls. Growing up on a military base makes the imagination stronger and for some reason there was always a group of girls waiting for their outfits. We would sketch for hours telling stories changing clothes through out the day. Muses on a page. Those hand sketches are long gone, except in the evening while watching TV. Illustrations had really tiny head and long lean bodies in those days, each one was original, they had no influence on fashion, they were learning tools for the fashion designer longing to be, they taught body and form. For some reason digital sketches take on their own personalities, perhaps it is because I spend so much time with them, saving them in illustrator mode so they can come back time and time again to help with concepts and storyboard illustrations. This muse just got a hair cut, she started out as a trend on urban bustiers that turned into I wanna go out let's work on a simple bustier cut evening out dress, she was thinking khaki, keeping it urban, perhaps poplin for a crisp hand-feel, and then at the last moment just before moving into Photoshop decided she wanted to wear gloves. Go figure. Looking for the unexpected?

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Prints are personal but conversationals are divine. Eye wear is everywhere, new the aviator jet. Create original prints based on trending concepts for your brand. Add lots of color to complete the story-line with your basic cotton and lace components. Perfect vehicle for soft intimates, sleepwear and the lounge. Let’s get this conversation started.  

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