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Trend Back to 2013/14: Taking a look at past product development influences for 2017.

Taking a look back at past product development influences for the 2013/14 year is always a wonderful way to focus on moving forward. There are a lot of development on these pages that translate time. If you are looking for design concepts that are based on salable outcomes take a little time and travel through the pages of CHIARIstyle. There are a lot of fun little surprises every where. Every photo, CAD, shoe takes you somewhere. Click on the RED header on our blog for a full size view of what you are reading then click on to something else. Find concepts hiding in plain site. Contact us for the print-outs or information on how we can translate your collections with creative product development design. Experience counts when money counts. Sign up for stylenotes, for monthly updates or enjoy a few moments just drifting through the scenery.

Lingerie notes for 2018/19 sales

Just a few notes on bra style-lines
for 2018/19 trends.

Take Notes. The past year for intimates have been a little bit crazy especially for retail. Push-ups are down along with T-Shirt Bras. Triangle and Bralettes are holding steady and the market-place is saturated with the same old thing. Sport Bras are still trending bigly and comfort is King. Price points are settling into the $20.00-$40.00 range and the market-place is saturated with the same bra in a different lace.  

Are you singing that same old thing song?

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Miniture Garden

Loving the tiny things

DIY Miniature Garden: Visiting Jackalope Pottery and their garden pot ideas was a perfect vehicle for creating our own mini garden.
To create your tiny home garden you need a container, potting soil, ground cover, plants or herbs or bonsai trees. The fence here is sticks painted white. Miniature pots and baskets can add to the setting along with treats from pottery stores. Set out to create a tiny space for tiny things to grow.

Love the tiny things in life? Check out The Dollshouse where the imagination lives.


Bend the Lace

The CAD and Lace Design

When using lace for a CAD design concept it is always best to use the actual lace. Hand-sketched laces always look like hand-sketched laces. So the art of figuring out how to capture the exact lace starts in Photoshop then moves to Illustrator where it is live traced which makes it perfect for a brush. The trick is to grab just the right amount of the scan so the lace is not to thick when it is traced in Illustrator. Looking for the bend in all the right places. CHIARIstyle.