Whale of a trip.

Camping Opportunities.

Morro Bay

We are working on a fully illustrated camping book for those who love camping in a campground. This product development was put into work last weekend at Morro Bay. From whale watching trips, strolling through small sea town life, hiking beautiful trails and listening to the laughter of fellow campers, getting out and find nature is awe inspiring. One thing for sure etiquette is still the number one problem with campers along with way too many tents in a single campsite but overall it's looking like the campground camping journal is getting ready for publication. Look for notes on camping in a campground and how the journal is progressing, sending out for hopefuly the final proof reading this week.

Tally Cards CHIARIstyle

Product Development Sources
Walking through a vintage flea market a vendor was carrying a wonderful source for print and graphic concepts.
Tally Cards
The price range for the cards we picked up range from $3-$13.00, some of the cards are exquisite pieces of art deco, perfect for tee shirt & embellishment design. Pull parts from the card for print concepts

Find a wonderful selection of theses tally bridge cards on Pinterest.

On trend with prints 2018

Maybe tribalism should just be a trend.

Take tribal prints into the mainstream with big bold print combinations, don't forget pocket treatments. Add sexy sheer layers to balance the strength of the print. Perfect way to work in another collection. Mood boards are trending for 2018/19. Looking for new?

Trend: Artistic Caps

Creating Fashion Direction
for 2018/2019 Trend Concepts

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