Catch up Weekend: Trending lingerie 2020, CHIARIstyle.

Finding Trend

Product Development Design Studio

This is a product development site. The focus is on intimates, from lingerie to the urban lounge where street meets sleep. As a designer putting out new content is fun. It is the perfect way for a client to see a spark for their brand. So this weekend, catch up and find your next key item, collection, brand.

Trend Shops Move it into the storyboard concept for 2020 to get the conversation started on new style lines.

Best of the Month Concept Storyboards

Best Bet: Panty Lines is making a statement this month with The Rose, if your brand has a focus on underwear, take note. Intimate Sets: Go 3D with lace applique effects. Perfect for basics that love lace.
Looking a few more Best Bets? Contact is free.

Move away from black, red, and ivory!

Sport Code


Think about adding rosebud embroidery to all brand categories, sweeten up the sport looks.
Work lace into the activewear market with sweet tee combinations.
The Yoga Pant is still strong so play around with body shapes.

Fashion is…

Every sketch, CAD, illustration, muse take you somewhere. A lot of storyboards are out in the open but there are gems hiding in plain site, enjoy!

The two hour break: Whale Watching

The Sea is filled with magnificent things!

Long Beach, California. Saturday morning, it is raining outside and we are watching the news trying to decide if we should go whale watching.

The weather will break at nine same time the Harbor Breeze Cruise leaves the port.

The perfect 2 hour get-a-way.

Whale watching is a gamble, you never know what you will see, but it is always worth the trip.

Saturday’s surprise two beautiful grey’s dancing in the water.

Whale Tail Markings as they travel towards Mexico

Does anyone else see an elephant?

The tale of two ships

The perfect 2 hour Get-a-Way.

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