The Angels that walk amongst us.

Life is a jounery


Tina Spears

June 2, 1961-February 4, 2018

On Friday of last week I got a call from an angel telling me to get on a plane as soon as possible. The look on my sister’s face when she saw me walk into her hospital room will forever remain in my memory. I want to thank everyone at Duke University Hospital for giving her a second chance. The miracle she hoped for did not materialize this time but they gave us hope. My sister was a bright light that brought some amazing people into her life. To Sandy, Susan, Donna, Christy and Lisa, thank you for all your support. Lisa, Cody, and Christopher you are the sun that shined on my sister’s face, live your lives with her sitting in your hearts every day and in that I know you will be amazing & kind. Thanks to Delta Airlines and the Cambria Hotel and to Donavan, my gratitude for working with me in my hour of devastation. To Kim, the angel who stepped outside her box so my sister's wish to see her sister was met, there are no words.

My sister was funny, interesting, lively, full of hope and very, very bossy. She believed in truth, and most of all she had the strength to move through her day with a smile and a thank you.

To my family, life is a journey, take the time to search for the kindness, the love, and the funny stories that envelope us in our grief. Do not let the loss overwhelm the memory and to my sisters, it was not funny when you stopped the hotel elevator so I would know that you are traveling together.

This is my last post for the month of February, taking some time to adjust to a life without. Kindness is a gift that should be used often, you never know when someone you love will dissappear into a memory.