Fashion Illustration and the storyboard

Illustrating style

Taking the week off to get ready for our traditional Halloween gathering of friends.

The Dollshouse has to be cleaned and filled with pumpkin treats so everything out and then back in. Tired already! You can follow our dollshouse on Instagram.

Catch up on our trend notes, trend shops where fashion is… or go to a tiny place where the imagination lives.

Best Workbook Concept

Back next week with the letter F is for fabulous.

Take some time for an Attitude Adjustment.

Morro Bay

Falling in love with the little things.

Morro Bay Sea Otters in the Harbor on a Sunday Morning

Now and then you have to get-a-way from all the crazy. Turn off the phone, no TV, and enjoy the moment. Attitude Adjustments make finding the little things, wonderful, so this Monday the Alphabet Series is on hold, look for the letter E next Monday, until then enjoy a surprise on a Sunday Morning.

and the whale watching was off the charts.