Lingerie Concept 2020: Planting seed beads

Finding treasures in the studio

Moving the studio from downtown has been a daunting task. First, I have way to much stuff, and second, the thought of moving from a space I loved was indeed a difficult decision, but it’s done, the room is empty, and my new studio is filled with treasures. Donating balance of stock from past endeavors has been a wonderful way to go through my history. Finding samples of fabrics, trims, artwork and beading techniques that will inspire new concepts for the Spring/Summer 20/21 season.

Planting Seed Beads on Silk

This concept is all about luxury silks and the basic silhouette. The exclusive camisole, storyboard will be going into the SHOP today, along with a working storyboard for style. The original beadwork for this concept was purchased so long ago that unfortunately, I do not have the resource that created it or even know where it came from, it has been sitting on the bulletin board waiting all these years to be transformed into something beautiful.  Finding treasures this past month has inspired so many new creations for the shop, so stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun, creative season. Looking for trends in all the fun places, CHIARIstyle.

CHIARIstyle, the design studio

New Design Studio

Missing Marva

This weekend was the final move from our downtown studio, I will truly miss this space, but with remote work and the shop downloads for story and concept boards, this beautiful space just isn’t needed anymore.

Originally my office space was a hub of activity, working with product development to actively creating my lingerie brand.  A dear friend who also occupied a space in the building died a few years back in her office. It was a tragedy not only because she is gone now but because she was a fabulous friend and fashionista, who taught me so many wonderful things about our industry. I often think of her coming down to my office for a morning chat.

We had decided on getting to the office early when the building opened to make sure there was room for the moving truck in the alleyway. We are in a building, that is completely empty. Alone in the office, I open the window to let some air into the closed environment, when my husband walks in. He closes the door so that we can discuss the furniture behind the door, it is closed but left open just enough to peek inside.  There are no other people on the floor, and the building is very quiet, the building supervisor had informed us he was going down the street to work at another building, so imagine our surprise when we hear three clear knocks on the glass door as it swings open. The is nothing there, just the empty hallway.

Could it be, my dear sweet Marva coming by for one last visit, knocking first like she always did. The knock was not our imagination nor was the door swinging open, we discussed as it was happening. Is my dear beloved friend's soul still lingering in a place she loved. I am hopeful that if it was what we felt, when her wondrous spirit entered the room, she flew out the window I had just opened.

I’m going back next weekend for the final clean-up-hoping she doesn’t stop by, not because I don’t believe that spirits linger but because I’m hoping she has left the building for a better adventure.

The Studio

Fashion is…change, inspiration, new ideas. I am taking this week off to recycle and give-a-way stock, fabrics, and all furniture that will not fit into my new 10x12 environment but, my books, at last will surround me with style.

The StudioCoffey
Sleepwear fashion concept notes for SS20/21

Cotton Lawn

Fashion Upcylce: Cotton Lawn is perfect for print concepts going into the summer storyboard time-frame. Take on the sundress with swing styles and hold the prints attention with vintage 60’s hip. Move sleepwear into the lounge with street to sleep flair.

Product Development Design

All CADS, sketches, illustrations take you somewhere. Find your trend?

Shop Notes and other things

Digital Workbook

Digital Workbooks are creative storyboard concepts created by a designer for designer, sales teams, manufactures product development. Every concept is PDF downloadable with an exclusive focus on a single impression. Due to exclusivity a limit is place on the concept sale and it is removed from the shop to avoid over saturation, keeping new concept moving in and out of the shop. Sometimes a digital workbook theme will move into the website once the trend has been confirmed but with every illustration the hope is the concept will be transformed to a brands design strategy. Past story lines. Sweet Dreams a great storyboard concept that still translates trend.


Concept Storyboard: Lace Influences is in the shop. This board does not preview with CADS due to the ease of design. The storyboard focus is trending on the retro-thrift shop experience. Brand basics can be incorporated into the theme without creating new silhouettes. Lace Influences is a single 17x11 printable PDF downloadable storyboard with black background, perfect for design room discussion, working with buyers on new concepts, sales teams, product development.

Things to think about going into FW20/21 Concept Design

Finding trend in all the fun places. Vintage hand napkins found at the Ventura Swap Meet.

Lingerie notes for 2021: Comfort is key

Concept Notes

Lingerie is big business. From imports to domestic the competition is universal. Once upon a time, just a few major brands were competing for retail floor-space, whereas today, everyone has an intimate line. The past few years have brought in some innovation, skin tone ranges are now more important than ever, and comfort, especially in the US, is a key design factor. FW20/21 is here, is your design room ready?  

New Digital Workbook in the shop