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My mother wore Chanel No. 5

Happy Mother’s Day Memories

My mother wore Chanel No. 5 so every time I walk into any beauty department I stop by the Chanel counter for a little spritz so she can linger with me for a moment.

Best trend notes on a friday afternoon.

Our best shop treats, for the end of the week.


#1 Vintage is in

Looking a great story?


The Best

Sweet Dreams keep on dreaming

Looking for trend in all the fun places!

#2 Color Up those Basics


Stripe the Blues

#1 Lingerie Storyboard Concept

Product Development Concept Shops

Designer Illustrator Storyboard Teller

Working with designers, manufacturers, buyers, sales teams looking for trend in all the fun places.
Every sketch, CAD, illustration, photo, graphic is 100% creative content. Experience counts.

Is your design room making you money

My sisters, my heart.



This year I spent a great deal of time looking at the inside of my right arm, I’m right-handed and sketch both by-hand and digitally every day and every day I imagined a tattoo there to represent the missing of my sisters. This week that imagined moment became a reality. A feather fell from a Cooper Hawk while walking the neighborhood, imagine my sisters, sending me a message, “just a feather,” they said, flying away leaving behind the markings of their hearts.

Fashion is…fun, difficult, impossible, mean, wonderful, imaginary, evolution into something fabulous.