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Illustrating Intimates

Fashion illustrating vs technical design.

Design Notes: Passing on a project.

As an illustrator/designer creating sketches for intimates has been a wonderful learning experience, recently, a designer asked if I could help out a designer at her company with CADS for technical sketches. When I asked the designer to send a sketch so I could see if I could help out, she answered back that she was too busy and would back to me. When I replied that I was not interested in helping out based on her reply I received her sketch immediately. The sketch sent was an illustrated sketch on a female form front and back. The sketch was clear enough but the back detailed showcased a problem. So do I tell her her sketch does not work or do I sketch it know it cannot go through production? As a designer, creating sketches that work should be the first important component of design. I knew immediately that this designer did not know how to make a pattern. The decision to pass on the project was easy. First if a designer is too busy to reply to an easy task of sending work already created she will not be ready when the new concepts have to translate into CADS for production. Second, creating fabulous illustrations that do not translate into the final sketch makes it difficult for the technician moving the concept into production. Working in both mediums where the first sketch is on a muse is great, but as a designer if you do not translate that style with working technical issues resolved, the double work is time-consuming at best. As a designer, knowing how to see the patterns in your head should be the first component of good design especially if you are lucky enough to have someone help with your technicals.

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Design Notes in August

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Storyboard Design Notes

Import and Domestic Notes

Let’s start with a little bit of silk in the garden, perfect for sleepwear, sleep to street, intimates, opt-out of embroidery, and replace with screenprint details — Storyboard the theme with basic silhouettes. Great concept to get a conversation started.

Upcycle your knits. Check out warehouse knits and cut it to pieces. Add lace accents or banding, bring in stock solids for a mix media overall storyboard, perfect for domestic vendors.

Don’t forget the panty packs, raid the trim shelves and mix it up with contrast laces, embroideries.
Get the design room thinking about stock and moving it out of the warehouse.

Every board, sketch, illustration takes you somewhere. Find your trend!

Lingerie Concept: She was looking for something in peach.

Peach is a fabulous color

Peach is an unpretentious color; it has a wonderful balance when it comes to lingerie, it can take the place of the pinky tones with simple grace.

Going through the trend shop, this three-piece set slipped into the dressing room, it is one of our best styles. The rust-colored lace is a strong component and balances well with the satin finish. The lace is cut out to form a detailed center closure panel. This bustier also comes with a jewel button front closure in ivory for bridal. The sheer layers showcase a sexy vibe without the trashy finish, although sometimes trashy is good but that’s another storyboard.

Design Notes: Looking for trend color concepts? Check out lipstick brands!

Finding trend is all the fun places.

Loving Lingerie


Lingerie Illustrations

She was looking for something sexy for the day and something a little wild for night.

Bra: Lace applique with sheer layers in black for bridal, the perfect balance.
Panty: Don’t let the only animal skin you see be a print take the challenge.

Story Shop

June is the perfect month for change. Fashion is all about moving in new directions, but sometimes it is so much easier to stay in the same place. Working with a broad range of brands on design, creative direction, story and mood boards, I’ve witnessed both innovation and stagnation. Brands that stay put usually disappear into fashion oblivion. This business is not as easy as some may think, but it is also not as exciting as it was, fear has grasped our business along with the aspect of having to guess what the consumer may want a year or two from now. So there are going to be a few changes between June and August. A lot of work can be done remotely, so the first thing is shutting down downtown office and moving everything to the valley. The fairies are searching for fairytale dresses. Storyboards are going to transition into Story Shops, where our best and newest trends are living a happy digital life. Bluemoon will be having a give-a-way, and hopefully, Bishop, the keeper of the tunes will finally become a reality. June is the perfect month for change, here’s too moving and not staying in the same place.

My mother wore Chanel No. 5

Happy Mother’s Day Memories

My mother wore Chanel No. 5 so every time I walk into any beauty department I stop by the Chanel counter for a little spritz so she can linger with me for a moment.