Fairytales: CHIARIstyle

The best part of product development is when a buyer ask, can you? Introducing Queen Ann of the Wild Coastal Seas. She is created from the miniature dresses made as give-a-ways to girls that believe in faeries. Her dress is centered with a selected rhinestone encrusted jewel piece and like her miniature counterpart, floral appliques and pearls embellish each dress. Her tulle skirt is full of magic.  Each dress is based on a faerie that wonders the land in search of a party filled with imagination. Do you believe?

Every Fairytale Dresses is Hand Made in the USA with a couture finish.

Catch the storyline.


Fairytale Dresses

Fairytale Dress exclusive: Bon Fortune. After careful consideration I have decided to create a few special miniature fairytale dresses for Gina. We met while on vacation and her store is full of fairytales. Now these dresses were always given to girls that believed in faeries, so for the first time you can find the dream at

Bon Fortune, Caprpentria, California

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