The Jewel Box Find

Some time back we stopped at a yard sale.

On one of the tables a bunch of plastic bags filled with costume jewelry. Purchased them all, about 15 bags for a total of $40.00. Hoping to use bits and pieces for our fairy tale dresses.
Some of the jewels are so wonderful we are creating Jewel Boxes filled with the best assortment. See Jewel Box.
Jewel Find:
In one of the bags, not together, just mixed up with all the other pieces, this Vintage 1949 Trifari Alfred Phillipe Meteor Brooch and Drop Earring set. It was a lot of fun sorting through all the jewels but when we realized that some of the pieces were sets, the adventure began. Some of the sets turned out to be the major factor for our Jewel Boxes, look for the box introduction in August 2016.  Est Price for 3 piece set $115.00

You never know what you may find when looking for new influences for a collection.