Looking for a trend that takes menswear into the gym?

Fall/Winter Activewear Trend 2018/19
Take it to the plaid.

Design Studio

Suit up the menswear plaid and take it into the gym!

In this design room we are talking about Plaids,
Menswear Plaids.

Hey! Tired of flowers, graphic prints, stripes? Move the trend into checks and balances with menswear effects. Style it up with layers and cut outs (Coming Soon). Think metal hardware, boxing bands, zipper treatments. Take in the black and grey tones but also look for London street browns and taupe color ways. Sport trends are on the move. Trend into the next season and give the Activewear storyboard a little plaid for your product development meeting. Tag: Sport for other looks to take you into the next season.

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