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Talking trend for 2018/19

So what is CHIARIstyle and how can our concept design process help with your product development concerns.

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Trending is the word we use when resourcing new but is the word trend really about creating something everyone wants in the apparel market a good idea?  With so many manufacturers and stores closing up shop, the art of shopping stores to move product from one brand to another is no longer a clever alternative for product development design. The let’s copy this in store item is creating a sameness that is deteriorating the market. While shopping stores, you can find the same silhouette from so many vendors that the fit really should explain the sale. Shopping stores is great for knowing what is selling and what is on the mark-down racks but with so many discounts, mark-down racks may have a difficult time in discounting the trend story.  Seasons are getting blurred by repetitiveness. The flow of finding new development ideas are at risk if stores, magazines and trend blogs is what is required for change. Looking at haute designs can be an unlimited alternative because the styling is cluttered with so much stuff that each piece at times can be broken down into a fresh approach. Color direction sites are fabulous with exception that most of their color trend analysis is filled with photographs trending in the market place. There are some amazing print sites that showcase original concept which help in breaking down the seasons print progression. Trend resources focus on translating what is out there, breaking it down by color, fabrication, style with added cad sketches. Some of the best trend resources can make a strong fashion statements but most designers can't afford the program. Social media sites are also an intriguing instrument for design trending. Checking trend and fashion sites can become a boundless source for a timeline of what is coming down the fashion pike, but the "Where did you get that idea from." comment from clients are always welcomed when showing new designs. Our concept comes from all sources but the best source is experience. Using tear-sheets or photos from other brands to relay a concept or storyboard acceptance is not done here. Every storyboard is a thought created to move the conversation into fresh idea that can be translated into a collection for your buyer or client needs. Travel though our TRENDSHOPS, there is a lot to find from lingerie to sleepwear.  Every CAD, sketch, illustration is created for the final effect. Does it stimulate the senses? Does it get a designer or buyer or merchandiser thinking about how this content could work in new creative ways? We specialize in lingerie, intimates accessories, sleepwear and urban loungewear, with a focus on illustrations that can go from concept to production.  Contact is free. Make a request for information on any of our trend, mood or storyboards. Every sketch can be transform into a style-line that meets your branding needs. Looking to make a fashion statement?