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Color, color everywhere for 2020 lingerie trends.

2020 lingerie/intimates concepts usually, start with color. Moving so far in advance has its consequence especially when the intimate color range always trends back to black, white, bare, red, pink and blue tones. That is why color and trend boards are a great way to get the conversation started, then CAD it up, take a look, color up some swatches in bestselling bodies before making a commitment of 2,000 yards of maybe.

Tea Time in the lingerie concept shop

Color up some lingerie for 2020 trend concepts

Color up some Basics

Every collection has one. The perfect bra & panty set. It is re-colored year after year and it works, most of the time. This is color up some lingerie, taking the perfect bra & panty set that works in our intimate selection. If you visit this site you know we have our basics just like we have our muses that work with us on a can sketch basis. Creating new color ways for best sellers is always a challenge when black, red, cream and white is what usually moves. With the addition of skin tones things are changing it up a bit in a good way. So feeling a little bit of color for our basics, yesterday was Sassafras in the Morning today its Tea Time.

Finding color in all the fun places!