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Lingerie Concept 2020: Planting seed beads

Finding treasures in the studio

Moving the studio from downtown has been a daunting task. First, I have way to much stuff, and second, the thought of moving from a space I loved was indeed a difficult decision, but it’s done, the room is empty, and my new studio is filled with treasures. Donating balance of stock from past endeavors has been a wonderful way to go through my history. Finding samples of fabrics, trims, artwork and beading techniques that will inspire new concepts for the Spring/Summer 20/21 season.

Planting Seed Beads on Silk

This concept is all about luxury silks and the basic silhouette. The exclusive camisole, storyboard will be going into the SHOP today, along with a working storyboard for style. The original beadwork for this concept was purchased so long ago that unfortunately, I do not have the resource that created it or even know where it came from, it has been sitting on the bulletin board waiting all these years to be transformed into something beautiful.  Finding treasures this past month has inspired so many new creations for the shop, so stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun, creative season. Looking for trends in all the fun places, CHIARIstyle.

A little embroidery: Lingerie 2018

Finding trend in all the right places: Lingerie 2018 Trend

Perfect for silk or satin, embroider whimsical floral petals across satin pieces for an artistic flare into the next season. Take the theme into vintage with button side treatments. Trending fashion is about creating your own identity. Find trend in all the fun places with product that translate into sales. Step outside the box, with CHIARIstyle. The bralette is trending!

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