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Upcycle your knits with lingerie concepts for 2020.

Upcycle is the new trend.


Upcycle is the new trend word going into the 2020 season, but it has always been a part of CHIARIstyle. Every warehouse has stock sitting around waiting for something to do. You know, the 2,000 yards for the panty program that did not go anywhere or the 5,000 yards that arrived too late to meet deadlines. Intimates have the advantage when it comes to stock yardage, so get busy and check out those rolls of fabric sitting around waiting for the jobber and find a new way to recycle fashion.

 Stuck with an assortment of knits in the stockroom?

Intimate Knits 2020

Move those knits sitting in the warehouse.

Jump into jersey: Concept design, CHIARIstyle

We love Jersey, cotton jersey that is!

Slip into a little bit of jersey with a berry component. The grape zone is trending and jersey is the perfect vehicle for the jumpsuit. Great for yoga, athletic concepts, urban lounge looks. Jersey takes to the body and fabric weights can change a look from frumpy to cool. Pop in cut-outs, add appliques and most of all do not skimp on the fit.



Applique looks with decorative stitch finishes, place on denim, corduroy fabrications. Work the concept with plaid and patchwork style-lines.