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A piece of lace can tell a story.

A piece of lace can tell time.

A piece of lace can create a collection.

This story is about brand lace, this swiss trim lace is from the tessilegroup. The lace is real, the CADs come from the product development basic collections showcased just about everywhere in our Trend Shops. The beauty of this story is how a simple trim lace can work to create a brand connection.

Once upon a time in a design room far, far away, I worked for a man who had a focus on basic stock. I learned a lot from that merchant, and this is why a trim lace is perfect for stock, especially if it is cotton.

Lace can define a brand. Branding a lace that works with-in the framework for a basic intimate collection can be an important factor. Having a stock lace that can go from simple to luxurious can be stress-free, especially when it is cotton-based.

Thanks to Tracy at the Tessilegroup, for the use of this Swiss Lace from the Vale Collection for the 2020/21 trend concepts coming out this week.

Below The Beauty of Black and White

Branding stock lace can enhance a collection and create a basic assortment that can translate time.

For more information on The Vale Collection contact Tracy at