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Weekend design break: Wildlife in the city.

The Hummingbird

If you have hummingbirds you know, they are very territorial, and some are downright mean. Having both hummingbird feeders and flowers in the garden, knowing where to sit and wait for the early morning breakfast is the perfect way to take a break.  

Cooper Hawk in the morning.

This bird of prey is living the good life in the city.
Hanging around the house hoping for a squirrel or better yet the bluejays living here.

Sourcing Lace: Look for new ways to trend the basics next week with, The Simplicity of Lace.

Weekend Get-a-Way: San Clemente

Camera Shots in Indigo

Weekend in indigo.

Finding a new space to relax for a few days, vintage shops, seaside surf and most of all the flavor of a community filled with the color indigo. San Clemente’s pier is one of the longest piers in the country, early morning is the best time for a silent walk where only the pidgins are awake.

End of the pier views showcase the vibrant colors of indgio surrounding the morning landscape.

Finding indigo in all the fun places.

Friday Light

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Capturing the sun just before it sets behind Frank Gehry's  Walt Disney Concert Hall on the way back from jury duty. What a perfect moment to capture the sunlight.