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A little embroidery: Lingerie 2018

Finding trend in all the right places: Lingerie 2018 Trend

Perfect for silk or satin, embroider whimsical floral petals across satin pieces for an artistic flare into the next season. Take the theme into vintage with button side treatments. Trending fashion is about creating your own identity. Find trend in all the fun places with product that translate into sales. Step outside the box, with CHIARIstyle. The bralette is trending!

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Satin & Lace

Satin with touches of Lace is trending for AW2017.

Get into the lounge with contrast lace and satin treatments. Metallic earth tones color up well for this concept design collection. Play with the necklines and lengths when working on T-Shirt design. Back laces up with contrasting sheer layers. Use metallic bands when finishing up intimates. Urban lounge loves the look of sleep to street. Step outside the box. CHIARIstyle.