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Design Notes

Freelance has its virtues! As a designer working both full-time and as a freelancer, I have found that the freelance process creates a well-rounded focus on all things fashion. There is a connection that every category has, research. Fashion is best when looking back is just as crucial as trending forward. As a freelancer, we tend to overwhelm with newness when it may not be what’s needed. Sometimes it is structure. Taking a look at a brands history to find what works and what failed is important when working in a freelance position. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and set timelines but most important be on time, and never make a promise you can’t keep. I once ran a department where the owner loved freelance designers; they came and went like water flowing through the design room. “Be nice.” He would always say to me, the full-time design team would get all caught up in the danger of another designer walking on their turf, but I understood because I was one of those freelance designers, but that’s another story.

Fashion has a history.

Product Development Design Studio

THE CUP a single wire.

Lingerie Concepts: The Cup

Creating lingerie concepts with...

a single wire

THE CUP was created to showcase how a single wire can create new concept design for intimates. Entrance to THE CUP requires a password usually provided through STYLENOTES. THE CUP is adding new concepts for 2018/19, we are opening THE CUP till the end of the year before new concepts arrive.  Creating a sketch, a CAD or better yet an actual cup for design meeting saves money and creates a conversation for the merchandising and sales teams. If you are designing a full collection where the bra is the star focus on the single cup to get reaction before spending dollars on fabrication and trims.  Move into the new season with a single wire, CHIARIstyle.

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Lingerie bra color line

Lingerie color tones for 2018/19 trend

Color me lace.

Lingerie tends to stay safe most of the time when it comes to color. The trend to go from black to red to neutral with a few odd colors mixed in is great if your business in wary of stepping outside the box. Skin tone colors are moving in the right direction because that void really needed to be filled thanks to innovative lines that think outside the skin color block. A lot of lingerie companies will re-color the same lace in the same bra so many times that a buyer must feel like they have sang that color note before. Trending color so far ahead when almost all bras are created through imports mean that the guessing game of what color to choose is a card game at best. So take to the game with color storyboards you can trend to your sales staff, buyers, marketing team and get a consensus of color that moves your next lingerie collection in the right direction.

The Cup




A single cup can define a collection.
Perfect vehicle for saving $'s when it comes to
product development design.