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Trending style with storyboard design concepts for lingerie, sleepwear and lounge. The best advice I was ever given when starting out was know more than one thing. Full-time/freelancing and consulting have given me the opportunity to trend a broad range of styles. From the first job creating sexy evening wear to panty programs, creating new concepts is a love. Every photo, cad, illustration and storyboard takes you somewhere. Some rooms are hiding in plain site, you have to click a pic to get there. Like fashion you never know what is a hit or a miss but sometimes the best trends are too early so go back into the archives, you may find something wonderful hiding there. Fashion is....

A little embroidery: Lingerie 2018

Finding trend in all the right places: Lingerie 2018 Trend

Perfect for silk or satin, embroider whimsical floral petals across satin pieces for an artistic flare into the next season. Take the theme into vintage with button side treatments. Trending fashion is about creating your own identity. Find trend in all the fun places with product that translate into sales. Step outside the box, with CHIARIstyle. The bralette is trending!

inspiration is everywhere

Lingerie notes for 2018/19 sales

Just a few notes on bra style-lines
for 2018/19 trends.

Take Notes. The past year for intimates have been a little bit crazy especially for retail. Push-ups are down along with T-Shirt Bras. Triangle and Bralettes are holding steady and the market-place is saturated with the same old thing. Sport Bras are still trending bigly and comfort is King. Price points are settling into the $20.00-$40.00 range and the market-place is saturated with the same bra in a different lace.  

Are you singing that same old thing song?

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Trend Storyboard: Spice 2018/19

Spice it up in the Lingerie Department for Product Development Trend.
Set your summer trend ablaze with a little bit of heat.

Spice up an existing collection with spice tones. Habanero Red, Chili Pepper, Tamarind.  Move the color into silk combinations with deep chocolate accents like lace and banding. Don't for get the sheers. Spice up styles that working with color, heat up your trends with CHIARIstyle.

Dressing Room Concepts

Fashion Notes on vintage packaging. Swap Meet find: minikins packaging box.
Great illustration concept for intimates.