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Drape the Lace

Vintage Whites: Lingerie Storyboard 2019

Translate lace influences with trims and pieces for new lingerie trend concepts moving into the season. The bra and panty set is one of our basic body styles that work in a range of colors. Inspire your lace basics to move into collections that work with sleepwear or urban lounge pieces. Slip on a sheer mesh and accent it all the way into new.

The Chemise is slipping into trend.

Fashion silhouettes can translate a story line into sales.

Be it a chemise or a slip, take a basic style and trend into a conversation.

Fashion is...

Fashion gives out opportunity, if you are a domestic operation with an eCommerce site or a working relationship with your buyers getting the conversation started with what's happening in the market-place can take a simple slip, chemise, tee shirt into sales. No sample necessary, just a great little trend board sent out to say just trending.
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