Trend: Prints storyline for 2016

Taking on Prints can be easy.

Creating a theme is a great way to deliver a print storyline. By making collections about the print, say, African inspired or tribal prints the styles can be basic with little bits of detail.

Tell the story. Invent a theme that can translate into something the buyer wants to see.

The do it alone print theory may not gets to the final point. Minimums. A print in a single babydoll or chemise is just a print in a single babydoll or chemise. Building the print up by making the chemise part of the collection, gives the chemise more power to stand up to minimums. If the chemise doesn't hold weight, the camisole or the pajama pant can pick up the slack or maybe even take over as one of the surprise best sellers in the collection. It also gives the chemise power to stand alone. Perhaps the chemise will inspire the buyer to purchase the storyline as a whole collection. Dreams do come true. Especially with a great print.

When taking on a print theory, just how powerful is the print in the first place? Prints are personal. So bringing in solids to complement the story is a great way for multiple sales.

This theme is about Going Tribal.


The print category is large, from big tribal influences to delicate geometric prints. The theme can go from intimates to urban with some great knits along the way. The theme can be bold or mainstream. The best part, solids can enter into the framework making it a nice way to look at Trend for 2016-GO BOLD next season CHIARIstyle