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One thing about getting away is the time it takes to rest your brain. As a total magazine junkie looking through way to many fashion magazines tells you one thing. Fashion is elusive.

The best part of getting away is the ocean; the landscape of the waves competing with nature is mesmerizing. Morning walks on empty stretches of beach create opportunity to find treasures in the sand.

Creating a day when all your friends can come by for memories new and old is perfect especially at sunset, when the day passes with laughter and ice cream cones.

Making a moment so family can interrupt their busy schedule to fit you in so you can beg the princess to put on the dress imagined.

Watching a kite taking to the wind with the backdrop of the waves playing with the sand knowing that this is the last night to watch the pink glow of sunset before heading back to reality is filled with a deep salty breath.

Packing up and heading home filled with with tear sheets, scribbled notes, camera shots and endless sketches for new concepts going into 2018/19 season, exciting.

We are making a few changes as we move into the next half of 2017. Do you know how memory finds you? Well bluemoon is meeting up with bishop and hopefully by the end of the year he will be joining the dream travelers with his song. The faeries have been pulling at the heartstrings so two new dresses are in the making, one is being given away and the other is going into the shop. Adding swimwear into the mix this season, inspired by the beach towns and cities that stay true to their communities, look for the first concept to enter into the TRENDSHOPS end of month.

Product Development is what inspires new concepts. Finding trend and making it work in the now when the now is months away demands attention with storyboards and concepts that can get a conversation started. Move into the next season with CHIARIstyle.