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Urban Lounge Wear: at the gym

Activewear: Get into the gym with sleep to street.

Gym Clothes CHIARIstyle 14

Take on the gym with sleep to street. Boxers for the girls are trending, Branded logo waist bands and all the trimmings. Go for the fit. Sports bras are still going strong. Pop it with heathers and bold logo prints. CONCEPT: Bomber jackets with strong details and contrast linings. Keep it soft and athletic in feel. Banded bottoms with rib inserts and contrast binding with stripe band finishes can go from the bed to the gym to the street. URBANLOUNGEwear, set the tone.

Urban Lounge: Sleepers

In the lounge taking Lace Swing Cami and Brief into the conversation.

Take the swing into the conversation with unrelated prints for a whimsical turn for sleeping in the lounge. Sleep to street is still the theme here. Show the collection not as a group of items within a collection but as a group of prints and solids within the collection. Key bodies here, the swing T and the brief. Take to the lounge and find some fun. Step outside the box.