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Stylelines & Notes love trending for new fashion concepts.

January starts off with a pop of color. Fall 15 Apparel market is in the selling season with Spring 2016 not far behind. If you are an importer you could already be working on Fall 16 and thinking about Spring 17 colors. Product Development is key to creating new concepts. Buyers timelines are limited, so showcasing new ideas though developed storyboards, can increase sales and give feed-back to what the buyer is looking for in the 2016-17 seasons fast approaching.  Clients always ask “why showcase free concepts?” Answer, "Why not."

There are so many amazing ideas generated by working on new stylines, that setting a few free, is always a great way to showcase how product development can translate into sales. It is also a wonderful way to connect with new accounts.

CHIARIstyle is about creating product that works.

Fashion is…passion, loving the progression of design in all the elements from first sketch to production.

So if you are looking for new ideas, fun illustrative CADS, styles that can get the job done, enjoy these pages.

New concepts, books, magazines and product are in the work for 2015.

Looking for a creative designer who knows how to get it done…. Just a click away


Looking forward to the fun.


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