Is it true that trending is dead?

Trending new concepts.

Is it true? Just read another article suggesting trending is a dead issue. Millennials are looking for comfort, manufacturers are afraid of the bottom line, retail isn’t sure of the SKU’s and design teams keep regurgitation the same old thing. So the question of trending new concepts may be dead especially in the lingerie market. A lot of manufacturers love the idea of running the same old silhouette in the same old 30 year old lace, changing only the color. New styles are added not by creative influences but by knocking off the competition, so the cycle recycles itself and everyone has the same push-up, balconette, T-Shirt Bra with the fit or price holding court on the purchase. When asked “Where did you get that idea from?” Do you say you made it up knowing that without the tear-sheets or the purchased item the validity of your concept may be challenged as iffy?  There was a time when fashion was change. Now fashion is safe, safe from the opportunity to step outside the box and challenge the norms of comfort with trendy basics that take on the oversized prints, the new bold stripe and the soft tones of summer. Product development design is all about creating concepts through story and mood boards. Working with clients on creative elements that enhance basic silhouettes can create a conversation with buyers, sales teams and customers and best of all because the silhouette is safe the trend can step outside the box. Take a comprehensive look at collections or styles that perform and move them into trend with an original twist. Fashion is…and always should be change.