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Imagine a day.


a day where everything is blue.

The people, the television

the sounds on the radio singing

blue, a deep ruddy cobalt blue

dark dense full of feeling

full of love. Full.


a week when everything is

pink. Pink sky, pink cattle,

pink kisses, a strong pink with

tiny flecks of light

floating across the senses

stealing stories, chasing dreams.


a month of yellow.

A bright exuberant hearty

yellow, shattering visions

of war and hate, creating little

sensations that make you lazy

on hot summer mornings.


a year of red.

A simple red, like the color

of a heart in a children’s book

where everything is fun and

full of imagination, the red

before someone comes along and

makes it crimson, or scarlet or



a lifetime of green

a deep pungent unsettled green

you can almost smell the

rich, dense stain seeping into

the bones, lifting the darkness

so the soul can find a way

to live a life filled with

all different kinds of color.

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I was in my 20’s when my mother died. A few months later I received a letter from someone my mother grew up with.  This heartwarming note was filled with history and at the end of the letter she said that my mother wanted to be a nurse but in the south apparently you had to speak two languages to get into nursing school, so instead she cleaned houses, saved her money and went to college, where she thrived, became a teacher, a wife, a mother and an advocate for those marginalized by life.

 As a product development designer who was raised with a social conscience by a mother and father who knew that racism tries to extinguish dreams, the visions of hands raised, hoping for a better tomorrow kept interfering with my thoughts.

 It is with hope that if we who know that this destruction of families based on racism can challenge the fear imposed on those who cannot comprehend immorality by raising our voice so they who want to destroy the dream may get the message.

Create fashion and define the spirit of life.

What to do?

There is always a moment.

 Interrupting today's post for a moment of reality.

children as pawns in not the answer


There are times when staying silent is not an option. No amount of scripture will provide relief from the darkthings that live amongst us, so speak up. Do not stay silent; do now let those who believe hatred has more value than love win the argument.

Sign a petition, write letters, call your congressperson or senator, write your local paper, post, tweet, Facebook your thoughts but please, when we speak up sometimes they listen.




Lingerie Talk

The importance of knowing what your brand should reflect.

Question, when creating a new brand based on fame or just because, does the dream equal the work? Recently a new brand hit the fashion foundations and it was not what the noise was all about. Sure, there were the usual fashion points but where was the sizzle or even worst the quality. There had to be storyboards, samples, fabrication talk, there had to be construction issues, quality checks and price point perspectives. Surly there were color choices and meeting after meeting where everyone involved said yes or no or a really big no way. Lingerie is about sexy, fun, innovative choices. Lingerie is basic and clean and comfortable. Lingerie is all over the place right now and that is a good thing, so if you are creating a new brand being all over the place doesn’t work. Creating a brand takes timing and research but it also takes chances and can drown in failures. A brand start-up should know the importance of who, what and how when putting a name out into the market. So if you ever thought about starting your lingerie line without any training, please note the following.

Who you choose to help you with this process will define the final outcome. If your product developer does not ask you the following question before starting your venture keep your money.

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