Lingerie Talk

The importance of knowing what your brand should reflect.

Question, when creating a new brand based on fame or just because, does the dream equal the work? Recently a new brand hit the fashion foundations and it was not what the noise was all about. Sure, there were the usual fashion points but where was the sizzle or even worst the quality. There had to be storyboards, samples, fabrication talk, there had to be construction issues, quality checks and price point perspectives. Surly there were color choices and meeting after meeting where everyone involved said yes or no or a really big no way. Lingerie is about sexy, fun, innovative choices. Lingerie is basic and clean and comfortable. Lingerie is all over the place right now and that is a good thing, so if you are creating a new brand being all over the place doesn’t work. Creating a brand takes timing and research but it also takes chances and can drown in failures. A brand start-up should know the importance of who, what and how when putting a name out into the market. So if you ever thought about starting your lingerie line without any training, please note the following.

Who you choose to help you with this process will define the final outcome. If your product developer does not ask you the following question before starting your venture keep your money.

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